man made fibers

What Is Man Made Fibers?

Man-made fiber industry is an essential part of the textile industry. These fibers are called synthetic or artificial fibers. Such fibers are more durable, easily washable and free from shrinkage. These are mass produced and their production is not affected by the vagaries of nature.

Man-made fiber is a type of fiber that is manufactured, created, or constructed by human beings, such as polyester or rayon, rather than appearing naturally, like cotton or wool. For example, yarn spun from Chinese cotton or man-made fiber.

Man-made fibers come in two main forms: continuous filament, the strand of a manufactured fiber as distinguished from all natural fibers and used for weaving, knitting or carpet production; and staple refers to fiber of discrete length and may be of any composition which can be spun into yarn or incorporated in unspun uses such as fillings or nonwovens.

The man-made fiber industry is capital-inten­sive and is mainly based on imported raw materials such as petroleum based chemicals and petrochemicals. This artificial fibers account for 76% of all fibers produced worldwide.

Fibers are precisely arranged to give the right combination of qualities required and the industry is mainly associated with large textile houses. But this artificial fibers is also confronted with many issues like shortage of raw materials, high import tariffs, dearth of machin­ery spares and chemicals and much more.

And it’s really important to develop the supply of raw materials and also develop the quantity and quality of the export.

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