metallic fiber

What Is Metallic Fibers?

Metallic yarns or threads, in general, have been known for more than 3000 years. Metallic fibers are fibers used in textiles which are either determined of metal or fibers of other materials with a metal coating. This yarns are woven, braided, and knit into many fashionable fabrics and trims. And this is twisted with other fibers such as flax, silk, wool, nylon, cotton, and artificial blends to generate yarns which add newness effects to the end cloth or trim.

Metallic fabric is an artificial yarn that has a metallic appearance and looks. Metallic fibers are made fibers composed of metal, plastic-coated metal, metal-coated plastic, or a core fully covered by metal (usually aluminum). These fibers are light in weight and do not tarnish. Gold and silver have been used as yarns for fabric decoration. It contains certain metal elements, which provide it with gloss and at the same time durability and tension. Metallic yarn, also named alu-metallized polyester yarn, covers a broad range of possible use.

The metallic fabric was the first ‘man made’ fibers, which came thousands of years before nylon or rayon. These fabrics were all made by beating sheets of metal gold, silver or copper until thin and then cutting in strips. Metallic fibers can be used for fabrics with both functional and decorative effects such as household furnishings and carpets for decoration and static electricity control.

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