rubber fiber

What Is Rubber Fiber?

Rubber-coated textiles have come a long way since our old raincoat. A fiber determined of natural or artificial rubber; used to make elastic yarn for clothing. Rubber Fiber is a strong, waterproof, elastic substance made from the juice of a tropical tree or produced chemically.  Additionally, Highland provides non-sticking, reusable liner fabrics that provide superior durability and are used in rubber manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Rubber fabric is a term used to describe any flexible, stretchable polymer coated textile or material. By the twenty-first century high-tech fibers and laminates all but replaced rubber for waterproofing apparel. The coating on the material may be for different reasons including water resistance or waterproofing, pressure resistance, or to impart non-slip, grip or friction abilities to the substrate fabric.

Garments constructed of rubberized cloth, rubber sheeting, or molded latex present specific design challenges. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that’s often used to make wetsuits, hence its alternative name “scuba.” Rubber’s flexibility, impermeability, stickiness, and electrical resistance make it extremely useful as an adhesive, defensive coating and much more.

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