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What Is Yarn?

What is Yarn?

The combination of textile fibers using some twisting (Z Twist and S Twist) in order to make strong and stable threads which are called Yarn.

Types of Yarn

There are two types of Yarn in the Textile World.

  1. Spun Yarn : The yearns that come from stable fibers. Spun yarn (length fixed) is natural yarn. This kind of yarn are produced naturally.
  2. Filament Yarn. The yarn that come from filament fibers (mono-filaments and multi-filaments). Filament yarn is a man made yarn. This kind of yarn produced manually and the length is continuous.

Difference between Spun yarn and Filament yarn

The yarn which are produced following a fixed fiber length. Basically spun yarn is produced from natural fiber. Filament yarn is produced from chemical fiber and follows a continuous fiber length.

What Kind of Textile Yarns Available Out There?

There are various types of yarn available and being produced in Textile Industry.

  1. Cotton Yarn
  2. Polyester Yarn
  3. Carded Yarn
  4. Combed Yarn
  5. P/C Yarn (Blended)
  6. CVC Yarn
  7. Slub Yarn
  8. Single One Ply Yarn
  9. Mono Filament Yarn
  10. Plied/Ply Yarn
  11. Multi Filament Yarn/Multiple Strands
  12. Cord/Cable Ply Yarn
  13. Core/Core Spun Yarn

    Definition of different types Yarn

What Is Blended Yarn?

Blending is a method of mixing different type of fibers to make a single yarn.

What is Slub Yarn?

Thick place and thin place in yarn is called Slub Yarn.

What is Carded Yarn?

Yarn that are produced following carding process is called Carded Yarn.

What is Combed Yarn?

Yarn that are produced following combing process is called Combed Yarn.

What is TC Yarn?

Polyester cotton blended yarn is called TC Yarn. TC means Tetron & Cotton. It happens only when 65% Polyester and 35% cotton fiber is used.

What is Melange Yarn?

Melange Yarn is the combination of cotton fiber and viscose fiber.

What is Rotor Yarn?

Specially the lower count yarn are called Rotor Yarn and made using Rotor spinning technology. The count of Rotor Yarn are ranges from 7s to 20s.

What is Single One Ply Yarn?

A Yarn composed of one strand that makes up a single yarn. Single yarn is produced by spinning and is considered an initial twisting operation.

What is Ply Yarn?

A yarn composed of two or more single strands that there are twisted together to form a yarn.

What is Multi-filament Yarn?

Yarns are composed of two or more filament strands twisted, piled or yarns twisted together to form one yarn.

What is OE Yarn?

OE stands for Open End. OE yarn is spun by air current but not by spindles.

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