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What Is Textile?

Textile or Textiles – whatever you call it; refers to the cloth we use everyday. Besides, the definition of textiles also refers to its manufacturing method and the products of each manufacturing process. So, a fabric is also a textile and where the fabric is weaved and made are called Textiles Industries.

Still, if you looking for the answer of what is textile; then read on, you will get the idea.

Definition of Textile in the view of a Textile Engineer

Texile is a complete process to make a cloth. Collecting cotton is the very beginning phase and then processing cotton or alternative raw materials to make Yarn is the second step. Yarn and weaving combined produce fabric and post-processing of fabric using dyes/chemicals/printing actually produce the real fabric which (the method) as a whole are called textiles.

Meaning of Textiles to general people

Textiles are just a cloth or fabric. If you call Textile, the general non-technical people (who are not from the tex engineering industry) will think about a piece of fabric. Technically, it is right.

But the process of a fabric manufacturing is actually called Textile.

Understanding of Textiles according to a business dictionary

Popular business dictionary named businessdictionary.com thinks that – textiles are the materials composed by fibers. Either it is a natural fiber or a artificial fiber.

So, what actually the textiles are?

Textile is a manufacturing or production process combined of Yarn Manufacturing technology, fabric manufacturing technology, dyeing or printing and finishing technology and the garments manufacturing technology.

History of Textiles

People were cloth-less only for a few decades. Once they are feeling civilized; they felt the importance of covering their private parts. And they started covering their body with the leafs and day by day they are being innovative and producing textiles.

So, the age of textiles are actually pretty same with the age of the human species.

The Textile world is derived from a Latin word “Textilis” which means “Woven”. The ancient history of Textile is 32000 BCE and a sample of Flux Fiber found in a cave of Georgia proves how pre-historic era the textiles have.

Types of Textiles Available Today

Day after day, textiles are being improved and new type of raw materials are being discovered to make the textiles even more gorgeous, finer and cheaper. Some of the trendy textile types are –

  1. Wool & Silk (Animal Based Textiles)
  2. Cotton and Linen (Plan Based Textile)
  3. Polyester and Rayon (Synthetic Textile)
  4. Glass Fiber (Mineral Textiles)

So, this is all about the basics of what is textiles and what the basic points you need to know about this industry. Explore other articles of TextileQA to know about the industry even better.

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