weaving flowchart

Woven Fabric Manufacturing Flow Chart [Infographic]

Woven Fabrics are composed of longtitudianl or warp threads and transverse or weft threads, interlaced with one another accoring to the class of structure and form of design that are desired.

Process Flowchart of Woven Fabric/Weaving Manufacturing – Infographic:

weaving flowchart

Here is the flowchart of Weaving in Text Format:

Yarn From Spinning >> Warp Yarn & Weft Yarn.

Warp Yarn >> Warping > Sizing > Drawing In/Denting > Looming > Tying In > Weaving

Weft Yarn >> Shuttle Loom > Pirn Winding > Weaving

Weft Yarn >> Modern Loom > Cone Winding > Weaving

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